Aemys Brazebay

Aemys Brazebay
Author: Jynx001
Concept: A curious girl, unaware of the world’s dangers.
Description: A brave and adventurous child, Aemys Brazebay is an inquisitive girl who has, on more than one occasion, attempted to slip away from her mother and go where she shouldn’t. Remembers almost nothing about her father as he left when she was too young.


Daughter and second child of Burdon and Eivn Brazebay. Sister of Izrei Brazebay. Stowed away in the back of the Party’s wagon when they passed through Ewden in the hopes of spending time with her father, whom she had not seen in years. Ran to him after the Group saved the young woman Cosva, alongside the coastal roadway near Lnonven.

Refused to accompany Hilg and Gram Swiftaxe when the pair left for a brief return trip to Ldamven to pick up Gram’s Locked Chest, which he had inadvertantly left in Smitty’s shop. Was instead returned to Ewden days later by Stoat, Maldus Randorian and Brendolm Minel after Burdon’s death at the mandibles of an Ankheg.

Aemys Brazebay

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