Author: Kallak
Concept: An angelic servitor of a good-aligned deity.
Description: Possessing beauty beyond compare, Alanthiess is an angel in every sense of the word. Her heavenly features and flowing hair combined with effortless grace and poise make her an object of desire for any man. Perpetual light seems to radiate in her presence and gives her a softness and innocence.

The angelic servitor of the Knight of the Gods who arrived to the Throne Room of the magnificent Eternal Palace to claim the souls of the Agents of Prince Sevlen after they were magically slain en masse by the Aspect of Undeath in Cunvden.

A long time angel and divine servant, Alanthiess reportedly took part in the “charge of angels” led against the inhabitants of the Khydoban Desert by The Valiant’s herald Serun in the early days of the Dynaj Empire. It is said that this battle so devastated that kingdom that it became the wasteland it is today and gave rise to the undead creatures rumored to exist there now.

Following the discovery of the Dark One’s Godspawn and his created Aspects (Undeath, Malice, Rage and Torment) by the Swift Sword, Queen Destiny and The Eternal Lantern, she was assigned to procure consent from the favored deities of the Agents of Prince Sevlen to claim them upon their death at the hands of Gonjeyla Sarazi, the Aspect of Undeath – which was foreseen by Fate Scribe.

Later returned the Agents to the mortal plane after their agreement with the five deities who recreated them as the Aspects of Valor, Nature, Life, Time and Resolve.


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