Aldus Randorian

Aldus Randorian
Author: Kallak & Fealoce

Former Counselor within the Church of Everlasting Hope. Husband of Sabeleen Randorian (Deceased); Father of Maldus Randorian; Grandfather of Mindoleen Randorian. One-time owner and proprietor of the “Randorian Retreat” in Durven, Cosdol.

Originally a well-renowned “man of the cloth” for The Merciful Fates, Aldus had traveled extensively in the earliest years of his ministry, battling alongside mercenaries and adventurers as he championed the cause of Selandi. He had risen rapidly through the Church’s rankings, ascending to the rank of Counselor and nearing the first rank of Soother in impressive fashion. As his position within the temple increased, the duties of his progressive advancement slowly forced a more stationary role upon him, eventually leading to his permanent assignment to the House of Mercy hospital in Crandolen.

Though tame and mundane in comparison to the exhilarating “old days” of battle and adventure, working in the hospital proved significantly more demanding. The vast number of patients and required record keeping consumed much of Aldus’ time, leaving him with a growing desire for something more. Months of being surrounded by people and yet utterly alone gnawed at him from within, threatening to push him to the blasphemy of despair. He had neared his wits end when a chance meeting changed everything.

Sabeleen was an auburn haired beauty who had come to the hospital reluctantly after suffering a minor wrist injury maneuvering her small sailing ship during a bout of strong weather over the Voldor Bay. The typical pleasantries of the consultation had somehow given way to deeper conversation and the pair soon found themselves discussing her plans for purchasing a lodge in the northern town of Durven. Each was so enticed by the other that neither noticed Aldus had ceased examining her wrist and instead held her hand.

The ensuing courtship filled Aldus with a renewed sense of life, but at the cost of his dedication to the Church and the hospital. Though still a believer in the teachings of Selandi, he had all but ceased his ministry, and was delegating increasing amounts of responsibility to the temple’s junior clerics. The simple fact was, his commitment to Sabeleen had eclipsed his commitment to The Merciful Fates. He loved her, and he would do whatever it took to be with her always.

Pledging his eternal love to Sabeleen, Aldus left the Church, telling his superiors that a cleric unwilling to put his deity first wasn’t fit to wear the raiment. The pair left Crandolen, and relocated to Durven, wedding soon after and purchasing a lodge along the water’s edge. They dubbed it the Randorian Retreat, and Sabeleen’s sharp mind for economics guided the fledgling establishment to prosperity in short order. No longer in the business of preaching, Aldus took to sailing passengers across the Bay for an additional fee.

The later birth of his son Maldus served to further confirm Aldus’ belief that he had indeed done the right thing in leaving The Merciful Fates. The boy was the spitting image of his father, and grew into a handsome – if somewhat tumultuous – lad. Young Maldus was a brave child, often leaving home for days at a time; even before the age of twelve. At thirteen, Aldus had told him of his past with the Church of Everlasting Hope and his reasons for leaving. Recounted stories of travel and adventure brought the two closer and served as a focal point in their relationship for years after.

The tranquil state of affairs was dashed when Sabeleen fell gravely ill. Aldus offered prayers and sacrifices, and used his gifts of healing – but to no avail. The sickness claimed her and there was nothing he could do. Young Maldus was on the cusp of manhood, entering into a relationship with the girl Olelita Stromen. His need of a father had been steadily declining, and Aldus knew the pair would one day be married. His time in Durven was over. The arrival of a band of treasure-seekers heading south gave him a new mission, one to take his mind off of his pain, for though his days in the Church were long behind him, he still refused to despair.

Aldus Randorian

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