Amillia Minel

Amillia Minel
Author: Doombinger
Concept: A woman adapting to a life-changing injury.
Description: An angry and bitter woman of late, Amillia Minel faces the difficult task of rebuilding her life after being paralyzed in a raid on her family’s farmstead. Has become fond of insisting that things would have been better if she had just been slain outright.


Daughter and first child of Michael Minel and Sosha Minel. Sister to Brendolm Minel, Regila Minel, Leshia Minel and Briet Minel. Cousin to Dendrala Minel. Left for dead by Grusenomar Vleddril and the slavers who raided the Minel farmstead. Survived the attack but was left paralyzed from the waist down.

Requested to meet with Brendolm after he wrote to the family inquiring as to their thoughts regarding new property in Tigden following his appointment as Lord and Protector of the hamlet. Initially thought he desired the family to move away from the capital, which she was vehemently opposed to doing.

Amillia Minel

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