Aspect of Undeath

Aspect of Undeath
Author: Kallak
Concept: A hero slain and twisted into an avatar of undeath.
Description: No longer recognizable as Gonjeyla Sarazi, the Aspect is a creature transformed by undeath. A dark and sinister beauty warped by madness and the cruel will of her master. Her new voice, melodious and yet haunting, appears to enthrall the damned in her presence to a point far beyond that of mere evil-aligned clerics.

The one-time hero Gonjeyla Sarazi following her transformation into the Aspect of Undeath by The Dark One. First encountered by Stoat in a vision, she later emerged in Cunvden and slew the Agents of Prince Sevlen as a group with powerful dark magic.

Once known as Gonjeyla Sarazi, Forest Gnome cleric of The Laugher, the Aspect of Undeath was lured into the Plane of Shadows by Manfred himself, in disguise as a cleric of his own faith. Inside the darkened realm, she and her companions were within the sphere of influence of The Dark One and out of reach of her own Deity. Was held immobile and powerless by the very shadows around her while the evil god slew first Lombord, then Argenon before turning his might against her. Tried to call out to The Laugher for aid but was quickly silenced by the shadows.

Was later recreated as the Aspect of Undeath and assigned to hold her former ally Hanadrel Rolendar, the “Void Mother” prisoner within a citadel located inside Cunvden on the Plane of Shadows. Ordered to maintain that position until instructed otherwise. Viewed by Stoat, Agent of Prince Sevlen inside the citadel after the Halfling touched a small statue in the Cosolen home of Duke Marren Ilthan.

Following the orcish invasion of Cosdol, the Aspect was instructed to return to the Material Plane and increase the size of her undead army using the humans and orcs who battled for control of Cunvden. Was surprised to find Stoat and his allies apparently waiting for her and slew them with her powerful abilities. Created a massive undead creature during the time the Agents were in the Eternal Palace and then left the village/town – her destination unknown.

Aspect of Undeath

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