Bralana Elbren

Bralana Elbren
Author: Kallak
Concept: A mouthpiece to a Cleric of a dark religion.
Description: Typically calm and quiet, Bralana Elbren has a near vacant expression at most times. Her short-cut blonde hair and black robes make her easy to spot, even at a distance. She seems almost serene and remains collected regardless of what she encounters in the service of her “Dark Lady”.


Rode out on the orders of Guldella Olmlor bearing a white flag of truce to meet the Party when they arrived to Bolnven and slaughtered the advance patrol of “Death Snake” goblins. Informed the Group that the “Dark Lady” wished to see them, and offered to escort them in. Acquiesced when she was instructed by the Party to ‘return tomorrow’ and was leaving when Stoat came forth from hiding and wished to be shown in. Escorted the Halfling inside.

Continually acted as the mouthpiece of the Dark Rider, meeting persons or groups while Guldella stayed inside the town’s walls. Later escorted the Investigative Unit inside for a meeting with the “Dark Lady” when they returned a second time.

Captured by the Party during the Battle of Bolnven and was questioned by the Group and Prince Sevlen after the fighting was done. Stated that the Time of the Void was at hand and that the will of Manfred was made flesh on Tellene. Claimed that the work of her god was the reason for Sendrita Fordril’s loss of abilities and that Maldus Randorian would likely be next, as hope died and was replaced by certainty of the Time of the Void. Later executed for treason.

Bralana Elbren

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