Author: Kallak
Concept: Hireling Bard with aspirations to be an adventurer.
Description: A delicate and wholly feminine muse, Cosdrelita is a spirited lady who seems to glide rather than walk. Her long ebony hair is frequently adorned with wild flowers and she is never without a flowing dress or gown. She is a delightful lady to be around, and numerous men lament her dedication to music and song.

A musician and Bard that was hired away from her shop of musical instruments by Brendolm Minel while the Party was in Cunvden for the first time. The idea of being a traveling adventurer appealed greatly to her free spirit and she took to the task with great zeal – accepting the arrangement of 17 gp per month for her services as a hireling.

Has thus far lived up to her contract well, despite a number of painful incidents and near death experiences. Most notably she was present when the Party raided the hideout of the “Night’s Shadow” gang in the hunt for Ichrinthan Stroon; participated in the assault on the lair of “The Architect” Ervaln Norforn; and helped save the children of the town of Bolnven by attacking and holding the Town Hall where they were held by goblins during the Battle of Bolnven.

Was once held hostage by villainous members of The Pox gang aboard the sailing ship “His Majesty’s Audacious” when Defon and his allies attempted to take revenge against the Investigators and murder Hilg. Rescued from the thug who held her by Brendolm, whom she later rewarded with a kiss.


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