Author: Kallak
Concept: A memory wiped Rogue pressed into service.
Description: Defon is a slim and agile man in his late twenties with dark hair and a checkered past no longer known to him. He is currently a furious, yet depressed individual – forced into the service of the one who stole the details of his life from him. Knows that he has attempted to take revenge at least once.

A member of The Pox who attempted to waylay the PCs after they stopped his gang from beating a man in Eastpeg when the Group was departing Cosolen on their way toward Itven. Was captured along with two other Pox a day’s ride from the capital after his memory was wiped by a fey (Pixie) summed by the Half-Orc Druid Hilg. Was not turned over to the magistrate in Ldamven with the other prisoners, but was instead kept with the Party as an unwitting ally.

Became progressively more suspicious of his “friends” as the journey progressed, witnessing Hilg summon a creature capable of robbing men of their memories on multiple occasions and observing the treatment of prisoners being similar to his own. Was later infuriated at the fact that despite his near-death helping the Party against an Ankheg at a farmstead near Lnonven, he was given no reward save for 2 gp and a dagger. Meanwhile all the other members of the Group were receiving paid salaries or spoils of war.

Decided to seek vengeance against Hilg and the Party when the bran new mercenaries Relmir Dilomas and Zeph Proctor received a “king’s ransom” following the assault of the “Night’s Shadow” thieves den. He himself had been forced to watch as valuable gear he could use was sold. Unable to stand for the mistreatment any longer, sought out devious men to help him when the Group sailed to Cosolen. There he found the Pox gang, who recognized him, and offered to help him take his vengeance.

He and the Pox attacked the PCs on board “His Majesty’s Audacious” after luring the Party to them by holding the Bard Cosdrelita hostage. The plan nearly worked, with Hilg narrowly escaping death, but he was defeated and his memory wiped once again. His Pox allies were handed over to Captain Birorn in Cunvden and he was informed that his memories were taken by Hilg as a punishment for his betrayal of a vague ‘contract’. Was told his memories would be returned to him if he served the Druid faithfully for one years time.

Unable to do much else, reluctantly resumed his “duties” to the Group assuming more of the same treatment. Was later stunned to receive 751 gp as payment for services from Maldus Randorian when the Party returned to Itven from the lair of “The Architect” Ervaln Norforn. Used the money to purchase upgraded equipment, which improved his morale significantly.

Following the Battle of Bolnven, accompanied Gram Swiftaxe at the suggestion of Relmir Dilomas when the Dwarf parted ways with the Group briefly intending to check the status of his family and home. Swore to Hilg that they would meet again, and that he would have his memories back, or else. Displayed his dedication to this promise by drugging Gram and stealing his gold and magic items to use against the Half-Orc.


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