Dendrala Minel

Dendrala Minel
Author: Kallak
Concept: A kind and spirited religious leader with a passion for the arts of the theater.
Description: Dendrala is a thin and graceful woman in her late twenties. She has elegant features and a natural charm, making her the focal point at nearly any gathering. Her captivating smile and quick wit serve her ably, and ensure that she is always well received.


A Thespian of the Theater of the Arts at the faith’s seat on Cosolen. Was part of the coalition of priests and clerics who petitioned Prince Sevlen to allow Glandal Volren of the Cosolen Military Academy to appoint a volunteer team of investigators to assist the military in responding to calls for aid in the decimated lands east of the Voldor Bay. Supervised one of the four volunteer teams that underwent the Academy’s challenges.

Cousin to the Paladin Brendolm Minel of the Courts of Justice, one of the Academy students who volunteered for the task.

Dendrala Minel

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