Dolran Galborn

Dolran Galborn
Author: Kallak
Concept: A retired military scout seeking a simple life.
Description: Beginning to show the wear of a life of hardship, Dolran Galborn is a fit man with the first touches of fading color in his hair. He is rigid and stern, traits once drilled into him during his military days that didn’t retire when he did. Despite his somewhat gruff exterior, he is still a kind-hearted man, trying to provide a stable home for his family.


Husband of Olelta Galborn. Father of Debsela Galborn, Hurthral Galborn and Anseleen Galborn. A Ranger and military scout who once trained at the Cosolen Military Academy many years ago. Spent his career fighting off orcish incursions and brigand criminals before eventually retiring to settle down and start a family in the peaceful town of Itven.

Disappeared after going into the trees behind his homestead to face who or whatever was chasing a young woman who showed up at his home wounded and seeking help. Further investigation revealed the young woman to be Taldred Sterond and the kidnappers to be religious acolytes of the “Dark Lady” Guldella Olmlor. Was held hostage in the town of Bolnven until its liberation by the Party and the forces of Prince Sevlen.

Dolran Galborn

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