Drut Neln

Drut Neln
Author: Kallak
Concept: An overindulged bully emboldened by his father’s position in the community.
Description: One of the most outspoken men in the hamlet of Ewden, Drut Neln is thoroughly despised by most who make his acquaintance. Those who do care for his company tend to be men of the worst sort; thugs and brutes of like mind and little compassion. His arrogance is said to be of legendary stature.


Son of Mirtran Neln, the Reeve of the hamlet of Ewden. Currently acting as an assistant to his father in an unofficial capacity – with a number of contemptible ruffians at his command. Fond of making his presence known and beating residents who don’t fulfill the impossible quotas he places on them.

Was shocked to hear of the success of Burdon Brazebay in the capital of Cosolen and of his appointment as an agent of Prince Sevlen himself. The “Burdie” he knew seemed to be no more, replaced by a more properous Burdon. Kept a ledger of his illegal activities and stolen properties at the home of his father Mirtran, which was stolen by Stoat.

Drut Neln

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