Edton Birorn

Edton Birorn
Author: Kallak
Concept: An overworked soldier attempting to maintain order.
Description: A thoroughly experienced and capable veteran, Edton Birorn is an officer in every sense of the word. Integrity, honesty, loyalty – all qualities he possesses in spades. His time spent reestablishing civilization in his broken town has left him a bit more haggard than he is accustomed to, but he does his best given the circumstances.


Captain of the Guard of Cunvden, under the command of Duke Ilthan or his duly oppointed representitive – currently Chamberlain Lellen while the Duke is away in Cosolen. Has spent the last several months combating a number of unruly elements attempting to take root in his town in the aftermath of the great tidal wave. With his depleted manpower, has taken to supplementing his forces with mercenaries, a development is is not pleased with, but feels is necessary for the time being.

During the height of the hunt for wanted criminal Ichrinthan Stroon and his “Night’s Shadow” band of thieves, hired the Party on as additional manpower to help his men surround and capture the criminals as they looted the ruins of once-prominent homes. While one of the thieves initially escaped, the effort later proved fruitful when the Party followed the escapee back to the cave being used as a lair and cleared it out, capturing Stroon in the process.

Later took custody of two Pox gang members from the Party when they arrived back to Cunvden from Cosolen aboard “His Majesty’s Audacious” and was pleased to hear of a detail of hired workers from the capital soon to arrive and help rebuild. Warned the Party of the sorry state of the roadway from Cunvden to Itven and cautioned that their wagon might not make the trip.

Following the Party’s assault of Grusenomar Vleddril’s stabling outpost, agreed to house the Group’s thirty acquired horses in exchange for keeping his choice of five of the animals.

Edton Birorn

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