Eivn Brazebay

Eivn Brazebay
Author: Jynx001 & Kallak
Concept: Rejected wife and devoted mother.
Description: Eivn is a plain and simple woman with dark hair and a thin build. She is determined and persistent, hell-bent on providing the best life for her daughters that she can – a goal that did not diminish when she was abandoned by her (late) husband Burdon. Despite his departure, she remained a loyal and faithful wife, hoping for his eventual return.


Wife (and later Widow) of Burdon Brazebay; mother of Izrei Brazebay and Aemys Brazebay. Born and raised in the hamlet of Ewden, where she met Burdon and later married him. Reared their daughters by herself after Burdon departed and joined The Wanderers’ Circus with Maestro Allabrand.

Received her late husband’s Turtle Shell Lyre, money and other possessions from Stoat, Maldus Randorian and Brendolm Minel when they came to Ewden after his death to return Aemys (who had stowed away in their wagon) and deliver his remains to his family.

Eivn Brazebay

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