Ervaln Norforn

Ervaln Norforn
Author: Kallak
Concept: A wanted man risking his freedom to save his sister.
Description: A true outdoorsman, Ervaln Norforn has the long hair and grizzled jaw of one seldom seen in civilized society. His mind is intensely trained, and he has an extremely active imagination – aiding him greatly in the creation of traps and strategy. Suspected to have gone mad in recent years.


An engineer and architect who turned to outlawry following the widespread devastation of the great tidal wave in 1043 Y.K. Wanted by authorities in Ldamven, Lnonven and Cunvden for Banditry/Highway Robbery, and Bearing Arms without Right. Also a master trap-maker. Brother to Wulalta Plonnor. Brother through marriage to Grond Plonnor. Known to authorities as “The Architect”.

Was discovered to be the brother through marriage of (former) Constable Grond Plonnor after one of his large scale traps was triggered in the woods near the Galborn Homestead of Itven and killed a member of the local militia. Plonnor had reluctantly admitted to knowing the trap’s maker and having once captured him only to release him due to his familial relationship – a statement that would later cost him his position.

Forced to flee his secluded lair a short time later when the Party entered and attempted to capture him. Initially thought to fight the Group with the help of his three large predatory cats, but was greatly injured by a summoned bear and left with little option but to abandon the idea and his lair.

Following the Battle of Bolnven, teamed up with his in-law brother to join the Party in an attempt to rescue Wulalta Plonnor – his sister and Grond’s wife, whom both men had thought perished during the tidal wave – from the vile slaver Grusenomar Vleddril. Created a makeshift ballista to attack a guard tower when the Group assaulted Vleddril’s horse-stabling compound and ferried freed slave women (including Taldred Sterond) to “His Majesty’s Audacious” with Grond when the Party invaded the lighthouse island stronghold of the slavers.

Assisted in repairs on the “Frontier Legacy” after it collided with the “Audacious” on the return trip to Cosolen from the lighthouse island. When it was discovered a short time later that Brendolm Minel needed assistance against the Mongrelmen of the Avdoron Mires, traveled to Tigden with his brother through marriage Plonnor and his recently rescued sister Wulalta Plonnor.

Ervaln Norforn

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