Author: Kallak
Concept: An evil henchman with a mild case of paranoia.
Description: A clean and neatly-groomed man, Fordal doesn’t look the part of a rugged ranger and acolyte of a dark god’s religion. His expression is often thoughtful, likely a result of contemplation of an ever growing web of lies and deceptions aimed at staying ahead of those who would see him brought to justice.


A religious convert and minion of Dark Rider Guldella Olmlor. Was captured along with two other villains at the farmhouse-hostel of Taldred Sterond and her family when the Party followed tracks discovered at the homestead of Dolran Galborn. Ambushed the Investigators from the treeline but surrendered with the others when the battle turned against them.

Attempted to deceive Brendolm Minel with lies during his interrogation, but failed to anticipate the Paladin’s ability to see through his falsehoods. Revealed the existence of the “Dark Lady”, Guldella Olmlor and her involvement, which later lead the Party to Bolnven. Taken back to Itven by Constable Plonnor to stand before the magistrate for crimes of murder and assault – crimes which ultimately cost him his life.


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