Glandal Volren

Glandal Volren
Author: Kallak
Concept: A retired military officer who has taken up the mantle of academy headmaster.
Description: Glandal Volren is a stern and disciplined man in his early forties. He retains the posture and personal grooming of an officer, despite his retirement from the military. The role of headmaster is one he excels at, as the conformity and strict adherence to policy of his previous life still apply.

Headmaster of the Cosolen Military Academy in Cosdol’s capital city of Cosolen. Called an unscheduled assembly amongst his students and faculty seeking volunteers after being granted a commission to appoint investigators on the behalf of Prince Sevlen to a small town requesting assistance.

Took on the Half-Orc Hilg as a student with cooperation from the Cleric Welitryn Harrobalaea in an attempt to instill order in the troubled youth. Presented him, and the other PCs to the Court of The Prince after the group successfully completed the Academy’s selection challenges and was officially named as the investigative unit.

Following the Battle of Bolnven, and the Investigative Unit’s commencement from the Academy by Princely decree, discussed a possible instruction role for Stoat in the Academy at a later date. Also hired on the cook Malmir Rondnel after Gram Swiftaxe ended his contract with the Party.

Glandal Volren

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