Grandon Minguld

Grandon Minguld
Author: Kallak
Concept: A virtuous warrior turned family protector.
Description: Grandon Minguld is a devoted and faithful man who has spent his life in pursuit of peace and truth. His service to the Courts of Justice has been impeccable and he possesses a great deal of trust from his superiors. He is a calm individual of sound mind, and can often be found reading or in meditation.

Paladin of The True tasked with defending the Minel homestead outside Cosolen.

Took up residence at the homestead after Brendolm Minel and Leshia Minel came to the Courts of Justice seeking an honorable and capable warrior to look after the family while Brendolm was away on a commission for Prince Sevlen. Vowed to keep the family safe and to not cross the fellow Truthseekers Paladin.

Began to fall in love with Leshia during his tenure and worked harder to both keep her as safe as possible and to win her affection. Later requested permission to pursue her hand from Brendolm (as family patriarch Michael Minel was still absent) and was thrilled to receive his blessing.

Grandon Minguld

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