Grusenomar Vleddril

Grusenomar Vleddril
Author: Kallak
Concept: Villain extraordinaire and kidnapper of PC sisters.
Description: Grusenomar is a loud and volatile man typically found in the company of other violent and dangerous men. Despite his foul temper, he always has time for a smile – often the result of recollection of a past crime. He delights in abusing others and is responsible for numerous murders, directly or by way of individuals in his employ.


The man responsible for the raid on the Minel homestead that ended with Sosha Minel murdered, Amillia Minel paralyzed and Regila Minel kidnapped. Employs a number of unsavory persons, including Sevrinvaln Limnurn. Had taken Regila Minel’s Locket from her when she was kidnapped, but later lost it to Limnurn in a card game that was played while the bandits were in the village of Ldesden.

Later seen as still having custody of Regila by the illusionary elven woman Dokari when she used the crystal ball to scry on him.

Grusenomar Vleddril

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