Author: Kallak
Concept: A gang leader who rules through manipulation.
Description: Tall and lithe, Gulda is an attractive woman in her late twenties with raven-black hair and bright green eyes. When not in the guise of another, she wears loose skirts and blouses that tear away easily. Underneath she usually wears tight fitting clothes and several bags and pouches (containing tools, money and equipment to aid in a quick disguise).


Born and raised in Cosolen, Gulda has never had the desire to leave the city. Orphaned at the age of six, the young lady caught on with the Burnished Blades thieves guild. Quickly rising through the ranks, Evla (as she called herself then) became a “watcher” before eventually losing favor and splitting from the organization. After taking on a third new name (no one knows her birth name), she remade herself as Gulda, the leader of a band of petty thieves and thugs she calls the Pox.

She commands a number of young men, and shows no interest in recruiting women. Young homeless or orphaned males are the main targets sought out and recruited.

She often toys with the emotions of her members, taking one as a lover while leading others on. This ensures the men stay focused on her and creates a rivalry to acquire more wealth to draw her affections. On occasion, one of the men takes things too far, but she manages to keep the damage to a minimum. She has a home in the city but takes great care to keep it secret from members of the Pox. When she cavorts with her underlings she rents a room at an inn or finds some other place to be together.

Members of the group are free to do as they wish (inside of Eastpeg) as long as half their take goes to her. Those that do not comply soon appear floating in the sewers or harbor.


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