Guldella Olmlor

Guldella Olmlor
Author: Kallak
Concept: A cruel mistress seeking glory for her dark god.
Description: Guldella is a tall and domineering woman with long ebony hair and striking features. Though visually beautiful, a vengeful and callous heart beats beneath her voluptuous bosom; as empty and hollow as the socket of her left eye. Her vocal tone is universally condescending and her only discernable joy seems to come from the approval of her religious superiors.

Dark Rider of the Knights of the Black Pit. Leader of the combined human/goblin forces that invaded the small town of Bolnven. Dispatched Bralana Elbren to receive the Investigative Unit for talks when they arrived to explore the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Dolran Galborn and four soldiers from Itven’s town guard.

Informed that Investigators that she was in league with the “Death Snake” goblin tribe and was helping them acquire metal weapons and armor from the humans to maintain the balance of power against the orcs – who were receiving the same from human merchants from Cosdol. Produced the merchant Avdenbren to corroborate this statement. Assured the Party that she had slain no one and intended no deaths so long as there was no resistance to her will.

Forced Sendrita Fordril to relinquish her sword and stand in a ‘position of supplication’ after she was verbally assaulted by the Paladin. Threatened the lives of hostage children from the townspeople to ensure compliance with this demand. Later invited Sendrita to return to the meeting after one of her own men broke the terms of the flag of truce by assaulting the Paladin. Punished the transgressor by removing his finger with her greataxe.

During the Battle of Bolnven, slipped away while her minions fought, allowing the “Death Snake” goblins to suffer the wrath of Prince Sevlen and his forces. Discovered to have been removing the eyes of townsfolk as a sacrifice to her god in the days prior to the battle. Had originally intended to ‘sacrifice’ the entire town in a grand rite. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Guldella Olmlor

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