False Hilg

False Hilg
Author: Kallak
Concept: An imposter with unknown motives.
Description: A seemingly perfect duplicate of Prince Sevlen’s Agent Hilg, albeit slightly darker in nature.


An apparent duplicate or perhaps doppleganger of Hilg, Agent of Prince Sevlen. Arrived in Hilg’s stead after the Party dispatched their Half-Orc ally to inform Welitryn Harrobalaea of their delay in moving to aid the druid Nilu. Displayed abilities equivalent to the real Hilg and participated in the Battle of Ldamven under his guise. Returned with the Group to Cosolen where he disappeared shortly before the return of the actual Hilg.

A trap set by the Party to ambush him upon his return was unsuccessful, as the being was not seen again. His identity, motives and origins remain a mystery

False Hilg

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