Ichrinthan Stroon

Ichrinthan Stroon
Author: Kallak
Concept: An organizer of thieves and newly recruited slaver.
Description: A bit young when compared to the more veteran slavers he travels with, Ichrinthan Stroon is determined to prove himself an asset despite the recent loss of his right hand. His smaller frame and nondescript features – once advantageous to his life as a thief in a town crowd – now make him stand out amongst the larger, unruly slavers.

Leader of the (now defunct) band of thieves “Night’s Shadow” in Cunvden. Was responsible for the Shadows’ activities of pilfering the broken homes of nobles and merchants in the aftermath of the great tidal wave from the Voldor Bay. Had acquired great amounts of art, gems and gold which was hidden in the band’s cave lair within a rock formation east of the village/town.

Captured by the Party after they tracked a Shadow who had escaped the ambush set at the ruined home of Sarenva Blord, the thieves’ latest target. The Group (who had been hired by Captain Birorn to supplement his forces) raided the lair and brought down the organization. In addition to the stolen items, lost a valuable Armband of Elusive Action to the Group – who took it as spoils under their commission with Prince Sevlen and the Golden Alliance.

Had his right hand removed for his crimes by order of Chamberlain Vusdon Lellen and was sentenced to aid the town’s rebuilding efforts by performing hard labor – a task he was forced to undertake for nearly a month before he could escape. Later encountered and joined the slave ring under Grusenomar Vleddril, where his knowledge of the Party would soon become useful.

Following the assault of the ring’s stabling compound, recognized the details provided by tracker Holcrel, and was able to identify the Party as matching those details, as well as being both in the area and capable of such an assault. Accompanied Vleddril and his small contingent of riders when they headed off after the Group so that he could be present to point them out.

Ichrinthan Stroon

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