Author: Kallak
Concept: A skilled huntsman and diligent student.
Description: Jaren is an athletic and stoic Half-Elf in his early twenties. He has handsome features and is a ‘spitting image’ of his father, a cartographer of some note. His attention to detail is strong and he possesses a level of patience rarely found in other men his age.

Half-Elf student at the Cosolen Military Academy. Volunteered to be ‘taken hostage’ to aid in selecting the team of Academy investigators to be sent on the Crown’s behalf. Was held at “The Fort” until his roommate Jiffar brought the party to rescue him.

Fought against his jailors alongside the Halfing Stoat while the remainder of the PCs and their allies battled against “The Fort’s” defenders. He and Stoat escaped the dungeon and withdrew from the compound to the observation post of Headmaster Volren to complete the challenge and conclude the Academy’s trials.

Later hired by Stoat with his fellow academy student Jiffar to escort a large number of women liberated from the slave ring of Grusenomar Vleddril back to their various homes along the coastal roadway. He and his company traveled alongside the Party for a time while making the trip.


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