Concept: Riding dog and loyal companion.
Description: Kir is a Welpremond Wolfdog. He has a silky mottled gray outer coat with a soft white undercoat. He is a large dog measuring 3’11” from ground to shoulder and weighs 175lbs.


The Welpremond Wolfdog is a wolf breed first domesticated by Brandobian barbarians generations ago as hunting and companion animals. Their large size makes them suited for tracking large game, while their thick coat allows them to thrive in the coldest climes. They often serve as sled-dogs, search-and-rescue assistants, and riding dogs for smaller humanoid races.

Kir was gifted to Gram Swiftaxe as payment for guiding a group of barbarians to a goblin outpost to reclaim goods stolen during a raid. Like all Wolfdogs, Kir is a quiet and fiercely loyal dog that is suspicious of strangers.

Effectively saved the Party near the Galborn Homestead by fleeing from a Dire Boar and thus drawing it away while the Group was entangled by and engaged with a pair of Assassin Vines..


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