Lanodar Trolenren

Lanodar Trolenren
Author: Kallak
Concept: An enterprising merchant with grand ambition.
Description: Lanodar Trolenren is a well-groomed and stately man with a profound sense for business and an eye fixated on profitable venture. His ceaseless aspirations toward greater and more fruitful industry seem quite successful, if one uses his vast and expensive wardrobe as any indication.


A Trinket within the Cosolen branch of the Golden Alliance underneath Gem Folikar Pateris. Was present with the Party in the meeting chamber of Prince Sevlen following the Academy’s selection challenges and forged a portion of the payment contract with the Group. Assigned the Golden Alliance teamster Roth to accompany the Party on their journey; and keep a ledger of the finances along the way.

Later placed in control of an operation to aid in rebuilding Cunvden that was began by Brendolm Minel and Stoat. Sailed with the hired workforce to oversee the efforts.

Lanodar Trolenren

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