Author: Kallak
Concept: False friend and betrayer who infiltrated the intended target of his real allies.
Description: Dark skinned and bearing carved marks upon his flesh, Mogbakh was an Orc accustomed to pain, spending much more time about in the daylight hours than the bulk of his kind. His eyes were deep set, giving him an almost skeletal visage, a feature he used to strong effect during interrogations.

Deceased. Lead scout and commander of the orcs from the Iron Skulls tribe that assisted the humans of Cosdol against numerous minor Broken Fang raids in order to gain their trust. Used his position as an ally to infiltrate the town of Ldamven as part of a larger plan to place his warriors within the town’s walls and aid The Fang from inside when Glormul and his horde of orcs and giant mercenaries attacked.

As one of the leaders of the force of warriors who would falsely befriend the humans in and around Ldamven, Mogbakh initially approached his enemy many months before the intended siege-date, offering ore and gems for trade. In time he met the merchant Avdenbren, who – interested in learning more of a tribe he had not heard of previously – spoke with him at length and listened with interest at the fabricated tales of brewing conflict with The Fang. Accepting textiles for the first few exchanges, Mogbakh eventually made the request for weapons to use against the “rival” tribe.

Hesitant, but eager to continue acquiring the valuable ores and gems, the greedy fool soon agreed to the appeal for arms and traded a small quantity of swords for a larger shipment of the precious stones. The resulting profit from selling the gems to jewelers in the capital quickly eroded his reluctance and in short order the man was prepared to invest more heavily in the relationship. Later trades included shields and javelins and before long the addition of forged armor seemed only natural.

The relationship hit a minor snag when Avdenbren was stopped by local soldiers and interrogated as to the recipient of his wares. Having also not heard of the Iron Skulls, the men-at-arms were inclined to detain the man and confiscate his merchandise. While able to bribe his way out of the situation, the merchant and his associates did begin to scrutinize their business partner more, forcing Mogbakh to involve The Fang sooner than originally planned. A series of minor raids were arranged, and then stopped or undermined through the efforts of the Iron Skulls.

At first, efforts were made to minimize orcish casualties while Mogbakh and the Iron Skulls displayed their willingness to fight alongside their human allies and slay their mutual enemy, but as the mission to become trusted progressed, losses became inevitable, and came to be viewed as a necessary sacrifice. The death of a few dozen warriors here or there was more than worthwhile when seen as an investment in the greater campaign. In time the soldiers were sufficiently satisfied with the intention of their new ally and ceased harassing the merchants. Avdenbren himself had long since disappeared at the hands of the vile goblins, but such was of no concern, he no longer mattered now that the supply had been firmly established.

With the armor and weapons flowing freely once more, Mogbakh was content to rest on his laurels, distributing the material to both his warriors and The Broken Fang. Occasional acts were required to keep up appearances, but overall the need for action lessened as the fictitious “orc war” settled in for the long haul. The situation might have remained so indefinitely had it not been for the arrival of the Black Orc Glormul. Bringing word of a major goblin defeat at the hands of the humans far to the north in the small town of Bolnven, the time had been decided right to begin the second phase of the plan; before the humans were fully recuperated from the natural disaster and while the goblins were in retreat.


First encountered outside the northern gate of Ldamven as the Party was exiting the town to head north to aid the druid Nilu. Revealed that the recent seemingly scattered Broken Fang attacks were probes intending to test the defenses of the small town. Offered continued support to the Group by interrogating a captured “Fang” warrior and learning the name of the orc in charge of the recent attacks, Glormul. Promptly slew the prisoner after.


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