Regila Minel

Regila Minel
Author: Doombinger & Kallak
Concept: A sister recently rescued from slavers.
Description: An elegant beauty, Regila Minel has long held the fancy of numerous men with whom she has had contact. Her natural charm and deep, penetrating eyes are both endearing and memorable.

Daughter and fourth child of Michael and Sosha Minel. Sister to Brendolm Minel, Amillia Minel, Leshia Minel and Briet Minel. Cousin to Dendrala Minel.

Taken captive by Grusenomar Vleddril and his slavers when they assaulted the Minel farmstead. Possessed a family heirloom locket that she was wearing on the day she was abducted. During her time in captivity, was held alongside numerous other women on a small lighthouse island offshore from the small town of Itven. Was seen in a guarded bedchamber by Brendolm Minel when he and the projected elven woman Dokari used the crystal ball to scry on her.

Later freed from slavery after the Party invaded the lighthouse island and defeated the slavers, rescuing the many women held there. After arriving at Cosolen, was escorted to the hamlet of Tigden (where her brother Brendolm was lord and protector) by Rarnok Suvok Vofa and Relmir Dilomas.

Regila Minel

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