Sarenva Blord

Sarenva Blord
Author: Kallak
Concept: A wealthy heiress and affluent lady of court.
Description: A true vision of loveliness, Sarenva Blord is an elegant, aristocratic woman with dark hair and deep eyes. She exudes confidence and seems fond of flirtatious dialogue. Her personality tends toward dominance, a result of her great wealth and noble status.


Approached the Party while they were working for Captain Birorn in Cunvden in the hopes of reacquiring items of great personal value to her – items stolen by the man the Group was hunting – Ichrinthan Stroon and his “Night’s Shadow” thieves. Her offer was initially rejected, as it seemed counter to their mission for the Captain, but the Party later reconsidered and followed up on her request after one of the thieves escaped the trap due to the incompetence of other mercenaries in the Captain’s force.

Rewarded the Group handsomely after her items were returned to her, gifting them both with a large payment of gold, as well as the Magical Suit of Armor that once belonged to her father, Lord Trandal Blord before he passed away.

Sarenva Blord

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