Senvus Broel

Senvus Broel
Author: Kallak
Concept: A cleric on a mission to reclaim a long-lost temple.
Description: As a man constantly seeking out evil to battle, Senvus Broel maintains a clean shaven look, the better to deny enemies anything to grasp onto during a close quarters fight. His heavy armor is typically adorned with at least one strip of parchment bearing scripture from To Serve and his shield bears the golden eye of the Halls of the Valiant.

A Defender within the Halls of the Valiant. Happened upon by fellow Servant of the Swift Sword Alamir Artur in a shrine to The Valiant in the small town of Ldamven shortly before it was attacked by orcs of the Broken Fang tribe under the command of the Black Orc Glormul. Had attempted to gain the Group’s help in clearing orcs from a recently rediscovered temple to The Swift Sword, but was forced to put the plan on hold as the town came under attack.

Previously dispatched from Crandolen tasked with verifying and transcribing records regarding the faith’s shrine in Cosolen, Senvus was fascinated to discover a collection of letters and journal entries that had been accumulated at some point in the past by a previous caretaker. The assorted pages, extremely old and written in the ancient Brandobian script, spoke of an upcoming expedition by several paladins to clear a host of undead from a temple to Brovadol near the Krond Heights.

Intrigued by the centuries old story unfolding through first hand letter and journal account, he put his original duty aside and began to chronicle the story of the paladins from the documents instead. According to the pages, the temple’s clergy had been slain by a traitorous paladin Sir Peligras, and for his crime, the Swift Sword had destroyed his body and transformed him into an undead creature, forever cursed to dwell inside the temple with the holy symbols of the faith he betrayed.

Intent on destroying Peligras and re-establishing the structure as a stable temple, the troupe of paladins had set off and, as near as the various authors could attest, had been slain themselves. The documents shortly after trailed off and the temple was by all indications left to ruin from that time onward. Curious as to what ever became of the old temple, Senvus addressed a letter to a fellow cleric to Brovadol in the tiny village of Blerden, the closest recognizable ‘landmark’ from the pages that he knew to still exist. With his letter away, he began his official duty and waited for any reply.

After nearly a month’s time of waiting, a reply finally came, written by the hand of one Guardian Glandal Strond. Having found the tale to be interesting as well, Strond had taken to looking for the temple and following an exhaustive search of the surrounding area, located a structure he was convinced was the temple referred to in the letters and journal entries. He had however, been unable to absolutely verify this, as both the area and the building itself were firmly in the hands of orcs from the vicious Broken Fang tribe.

Charged with excitement and unwilling to let such a defilement stand, Senvus sent a return letter ahead to Strond informing him that he would be traveling to join him and would hopefully come with additional men granted by the superiors of the Crandolen temple. The senior clerics however, were unable to assemble reinforcements, being fully invested in other affairs following the great tidal wave. As a consolation, the ranking clerics granted Senvus their blessing in going forth to rendezvous with Strond himself. Perhaps together, the pair could positively identify the located structure as the long-lost temple.

Stopping at the local shrine in the small town of Ldamven while en route, Senvus was thrilled to encounter Alamir Artur, who like himself was outraged at the defilement of the temple by foul orcs. Artur, in addition to being a fellow Servant of the Swift Sword, traveled with a band of agents sworn and commissioned to Prince Sevlen that had recently returned from battling orcs of the Broken Fang tribe. Recent raids by the vicious humanoids had drawn the group to remain in Ldamven seeking to locate and neutralize the Fang’s area lead, the Black Orc known as Glormul.

The agents, concerned that the orcs were intending an attack or invasion on the town itself, were unable to travel in search of the temple, but expressed interest in doing so once the safety of the town had been secured. To that end, Senvus agreed to remain in Ldamven a few days more, hoping for a resolution to the issue so that the agents would then be free to accompany him. The subsequent invasion by the Fang and it’s hill giant mercenaries proved their concerns valid, and gave Senvus occasion to combat the forces of evil directly – a task he took to with great zeal.

Manning the south wall nearest the gatehouse, Senvus battled alongside both the agents and the recently arrived soldiers from the fort at Nurden who had come in response to the increased humanoid activity in the area. Also inside the walls to help defend the town were two hundred warriors from the Human-friendly Iron Skulls tribe, who had arrived at the behest of the agent Rarnok Suvok Vofa. The betrayal of Mogbakh and his Iron Skulls warriors at the outset of the battle forced the humans to fight orcs both inside and outside of the walls, and cost the defenders greatly.


Senvus Broel

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