Prince Sevlen

Prince Sevlen
Author: Kallak
Concept: Former practitioner of magic forced to suspend his studies for the good of his kingdom.
Description: Prince Sevlen is a handsome and powerful figure in his early thirties. Widely known to have studied magic for eleven years, he is respected for abandoning his studies to take a more active role in the kingdom. If any disapprove of his rule, they remain silent, fearful of both his armies and arcane might.

Son of Archmage Welren, King of the Kingdom of Cosdol. Prince of the realm and ruler of the capital city of Cosolen. Formerly a full time student of magical studies, but was forced to devote more time to the Kingdom following the death of one of his father’s principal advisers.

Attended the musical presentation in 1040 Y.K. where Burdon Brazebay received an encore for his performance of the finale piece to Reichel’s Opus Number Three. Recognized the talented Bard when the Party came to be presented as the Academy’s investigative team and demanded an impromptu performance to be played for his Court before divulging the details of the assignment the group was to carry out.

Following the Party’s announcement that the small town of Bolnven had been invaded by the “Death Snake” goblin tribe, bid the Group to return and delay the villains in whatever way possible should the enemies attempt to relocate. Meanwhile, rounded up a company of soldiers and a handful of Wizards and Sorcerers (including the powerful Flamarze) to sail with him and retake the town. Arrived on 8th of Mid-season Harvest and liberated the town in the Battle of Bolnven.

Once back in the capital, concluded the commission of the Investigative Unit before decreeing their commencement from the Military Academy and drafting them for a new assignment. Knighted Brendolm Minel as a special dispensation for the loss of his original body in service to the Crown.

Prince Sevlen

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