Taldred Sterond

Taldred Sterond
Author: Kallak
Concept: A young lady saved from cruel slavers.
Description: A pretty, yet somewhat rustic young woman, Taldred Sterond is a girl unafraid to get her hands dirty with honest labor. The years spent working in her family’s farmhouse turned-hostel have made her resilient and capable, without spoiling her appearance. She is an honest soul, and never afraid to speak her mind.

The sweetheart of Hurthral Galborn. Discovered to also be the young woman who emerged wounded and being chased at the homestead of Dolran Galborn outside of Itven prior to his disappearance, and the disappearance of the four town soldiers. Her tracks were discovered by Gram Swiftaxe and were seen to be heading south of the Galborn homestead.

Later discovered to have been abducted when she was viewed through the eyes of Dokari’s Crystal Ball, chained to a wall alongside other comely girls in a scrying performed by the illusionary entity Dokari. The elven projection had been attempting to assuage the fear and doubt that Hurthral had been feeling regarding her being missing.

The abductors were in fact the members of Grusenomar Vleddril’s slave ring, the same men who abducted Regila Minel. Was held with a number of other kidnapped women on the lighthouse island off the eastern coast of the Voldor Bay. Liberated by the Party when they came to the island aboard “His Majesty’s Audacious”. Taken from the island to the “Audacious” by Ervaln Norforn and Grond Plonnor, who had come with the Group searching for Wulalta Plonnor.

Taldred Sterond

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