Author: Kallak
Concept: An undespairing, gregarious preacher of laymen.
Description: Telerai is an optimistic and carefree cleric who takes his message of hope ‘to the people’ in the form of tavern speeches and bar-room discourse. His knowledge of religious writings is unsurpassed and he is a regular at many inns and drinking houses across Cosolen. He is viewed by his superiors as an unorthodox, yet high effective clergyman.

A Tender of the Church of Everlasting Hope in Cosolen. Was part of the coalition of priests and clerics who petitioned Prince Sevlen to allow Glandal Volren of the Cosolen Military Academy to appoint a volunteer team of investigators to assist the military in responding to calls for aid in the decimated lands east of the Voldor Bay. Supervised one of the four volunteer teams that underwent the Academy’s challenges.

As the immediate superior to Maldus Randorian, he was instrumental in his church’s discussions with Academy officials to permit the post of an adviser from his faith on the institution’s grounds. Is a regular at many taverns and drinking houses in Cosolen, most notably the Dancing Dwarf Inn. Also reputedly a fine cook and capable baker.

Following the Academy’s selection challenges, vowed to inform his religious superiors of the fine example Maldus Randorian was setting in the Cosolen Military Academy on the Church’s behalf. This statement was proven true when he later elevated Maldus to the rank of Tender and presented him with a masterwork silver Idol of Selandi.


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