Welitryn Harrobalaea

Welitryn Harrobalaea
Author: Kallak
Concept: A pragmatic and orderly architect of civilized society.
Description: Considered by most to be far more reserved than his affluent position would imply, Welitryn Harrobalaea pays the criticism no mind, focusing instead on his numerous building projects throughout Cosolen. His involvement in city planning is extensive and he is often found directing laborers at one work site or another.

A Senior Architect of the Founder’s Creation in Cosolen. Patron and mentor of sorts to the Half-Orc Hilg, at the request of the Druid Nilu. Paid the Academy’s high tuition cost and had his new ‘pupil’ do labor and building projects for him in return. Teaches engineering at the temple’s classes.

Was part of the coalition of priests and clerics who petitioned Prince Sevlen to allow Glandal Volren of the Cosolen Military Academy to appoint a volunteer team of investigators to assist the military in responding to calls for aid in the decimated lands east of the Voldor Bay. Supervised one of the four volunteer teams that underwent the Academy’s challenges. Following the challenges, gifted Hilg with a small brick to carry with him as he traveled to Itven, so that the weight of it would be a remainder of the ever-present struggle for self control.

Later dispatched a runner to locate and return with Hilg after receiving an animal messenger from the elder druid Nilu requesting his aid. Also received the wood elf Ellanelle Arbordawn when she arrived to the capital with the Group following the collision of the “Audacious” and “Frontier Legacy” on the fog-covered waters of the Voldor Bay.

Welitryn Harrobalaea

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