Amulet of Teamwork

Item Overview:
Description: This silver chain comes together in the form of a pair of linked hands.
Body Slot: Throat
Activation: — and Swift (command)
Owner’s Listing

Item ID Bearer Current Bonus/Special Notes
006 Zeph Proctor See Game Mechanics Below
007 Relmir Dilomas See Game Mechanics Below
Game Mechanics

An amulet of teamwork allows you to work more effectively as part of a team. When you successfully use the aid another action, the bonus granted to your ally improves from +2 to +3. When you flank an enemy, you and any allies also flanking that creature gain a +2 bonus on damage rolls. These are continuous effects and require no activation.

In addition, you can activate the amulet to grant both you and an adjacent ally a +5 competence bonus to AC for 1 round. You must be adjacent to an ally to activate this power. This ability can be used once per day.

Amulet of Teamwork

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