Ring of Mystic Defiance

Item Overview:
Description: This white gold ring bears a square-cut ruby. Arcane runes are inscribed around its band.
Body Slot: Finger
Activation: Immediate (command) and —
Owner’s Listing

Item ID Bearer Current Bonus/Special Notes
127 Maldus Randorian See Game Mechanics Below
131 Hilg See Game Mechanics Below
131 Alamir Artur See Game Mechanics Below
Game Mechanics

A ring of mystic defiance protects you from damaging magical effects. When you activate the ring, you ignore up to 10 points of damage dealt by a spell or spell-like ability. You can activate the ring after you learn the damage a spell or spell-like ability will deal to you, but before the damage is actually dealt. This ability functions three times per day.

This ability does not protect you from other magical effects (such as those generated by magic items, unless they specifically mimic spells). For example, the ring wouldn’t protect you from the extra damage dealt by a flaming sword, but it would protect you from a fireball cast from a scroll, wand, or other item.

If you also wear a magic item that grants an enhancement bonus to your Intelligence or Charisma, you can add half that item’s bonus as an insight bonus on your Fortitude saves against spells and spell-like abilities (up to a maximum bonus of +3). This is a continuous effect and requires no activation.

Ring of Mystic Defiance

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