Brothers in Logic

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Brothers in Logic

“If neither are educated, two heads are not better than one.”
“The answer will come to the one who perseveres.”
“Invention is the gift of the Enlightener and must be shared with all who would know.”
“Even the brilliant are sometimes perplexed.”
“I don’t understand what could have possibly gone wrong. It should have worked fine. It’s not my fault.”

Ritual and tradition bind the Brothers in Logic. They believe that practicing daily rites (meditation) gains the favor of their god. Clerics and followers may ponder seemingly unsolvable problems for years in hopes that the Enlightener will provide the answers. Elder clerics who have done so are highly regarded for their perseverance.

It is said that math was the Mule’s gift to the intelligent races. Thus, scholars, scientists, engineers, architects, mathematicians and astronomers revere him. Worshippers commonly adorn their homes with patterns and simple geometric shapes. More fanatical followers even plant their fields in geometric designs and patterns. Naturally, every temple erected by the Fraternal Order of Aptitude contains many intricate geometric shapes. The Brothers painstakingly ensure that they precisely design these temples as well.

Brothers in Logic are not prone to rash decisions. When interacting with others, they prefer delay tactics as a means to resist change. This often makes negotiating with a cleric of the Enlightener a less than pleasant experience. In fact, a cleric of the Mathmaster was the inspiration for the phrase, “You’re as stubborn as a mule.” (The saying was originally, “You’re as stubborn as the Mule.”)

Many followers believe that the Mathmaster influences the mules owned by worshippers to help them avoid danger. They often own mules for this reason. They believe when a stubborn mule refuses to go somewhere it is usually for a good reason.

Adventures: Brothers in Logic adventure to seek out new puzzles and problems to overcome. The magical traps and puzzles that plague adventurers are curiosities that they cannot resist.

Characteristics: Brothers in Logic prefer to use their wits to solve problems, but they freely apply their divine spells and abilities when necessary. They view combat in general as a tactical exercise, another puzzle to be solves, although they themselves believe they should try to avoid taking an actual part in the combat.

Background: Brothers in Logic are inquisitive and curious. Many are former rogues who enjoy the mechanical aspects of their work with traps and other dangerous devices. Since a great number of Brothers in Logic are teachers, some of their number aspire to the faith from childhood, inspired to join the profession of those they admire the most.

Races: Dwarves and gnomes, races known for their craft and deftness with their hands, are common clerics of the Mule. Elves, too, revere the Mule, although principally for the gifts of astronomy and architecture. The panoply of his worshippers is diverse.

Relations With Other Classes: Brothers in Logic admire wizards and their logical, methodical approach to life. They shun shamans, barbarians, rogues, bards and other impulsive characters for the unpredictability and the chaos they bring.

Relations With Undead: The animation and creation of undead is viewed as a neutral act. It is how the undead are used that determines their purpose for good or evil. Associating with intelligent undead, who are inherently evil and very dangerous, is a sin and may earn the cleric a reduction in temple rank, along with penance and possible legal sanction.

Role: Brothers in Logic exist to see mysteries solved, and travel with an adventuring party is a mutually beneficial arrangement. They solve murders routinely and with flair. If a magical ward asks for a password before allowing passage, all eyes turn to the Brother in Logic, who is ready with an answer at his lips.

Brothers in Logic

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