Chronology and Calendar

Calendar and Chronology of Tellene
The year on Tellene is 364 days long and consists of thirteen 28-day months, each of which has four 7-day weeks. This calendar, which is still used throughout the realms, was first developed by the ancient Svimohz. The calendar is based upon Veshemo’s 28-day orbit. The new year begins on the first day Spring, the first of Renewal, and runs through the 28th day of Famine.

While the structure of the calendar remains consistent throughout the Sovereign Lands, the starting point, or numerical calendar year, does not. A number of variations exist, based on region. The most prominent calendars are as follows:

Imperial Reckoning (I.R.)
The Kalamaran calendar. Imperial Reckoning came into use during the reign of Kolokar. Today the Imperial Reckoning, used by the Kalamaran Empire, the Young Kingdoms, Paru’Bor, O’Par, Pekal, Ahznomahn and most merchants, is the most commonly used calendar of Tellene.
Year of the King (Y.K.)
The Brandobian calendar. Originally based on Diadolai rather than Veshemo, the Year of the King came into use immediately after Brandobia was established. Currently, Mendarn, Cosdol, Eldor, and their colonies use Y.K. Pel Brolenon has its own calendar based on the founding of the House of Shackles.
Year of New Discovery (Y.N.D.)
The calendar of Reanaaria Bay. The Reanaarians began using Y.N.D. the day after they crossed the Ka’Asa Mountains and discovered Reanaaria Bay. The entire bay area, including Thygasha and Skarrna use the Year of new Discovery calendar.
Coming of Miznoh (C.M.)
The Svimohzish calendar. The Ozhvins, Meznams, and Zazahnii have been using the Coming of Miznoh calendar since Miznoh united the island.
Fhokki Calendar (F.C.)
Most of the people of the Wild Lands use the Fhokki Calendar. The origin of this calendar is unknown. Most scholars believe that outside (Kalamaran) influence caused many Fhokki clans to begin using calendars. Eventually a universally recognized calendar, the Fhokki Calendar, developed.

Day and Month Names
Days of the Week


Months of the Year
Human Name High Elf Grey Elf Wood Elf Gnome Dwarf
Renewal Pretaifulmar Carrienoi Efesein Hable Blit Jar
Sowing Anvillmac Restimein Menestein Thared Klok
Mustering Westinos Restollein Hoalgein Mikelbar Zumol
Declarations Pretainornin Nithenoat Azralein Arbow Hirthi
Mid-season Harvest Carrilanmora Wayalein Carrilanmora Jither Ulgras
Replanting Hiphosinnril Herenoat Losmenestein Om-Thared Imprago
Siege-hold Rilcwantor Cwaeiein Llolein Zebdaref Thulk Jar
Arid Pretairegtari Reneno Cwonein Porlom Mone
Reaping Cimilanmora Ithilnorghamhoy Cimilanmora Yawgeth Ankalos
Harvest Ungorishi Vowsoreno Vabamein Om-Jither Fal
Frosting Pretavahianallis Pronthiein Heeloein Fijed Udest
Snowfall Frannipath Phamiyenoi Weemein Stamkle Ritkum
Famine Enoala Calobrienoi Aurost Brilop Salk Jar

Chronology and Calendar

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