Climate of Tellene
It is fortunate for the inhabitants of Tellene that nature is not numbered amongst their enemies, for Mother Tellene is most generous to her creatures. The gentle climate produces an adequate growing season as far north as Lake Jorakk. In most areas, drought, floods and pestilence are so rare that they are more likely to be recalled as childhood stories than actual experiences.

The Svimohzish Isle (with the exception of the Vohven Jungle) and the country of Tarisato have sub-tropical climates. The coastal areas are very hot and humid for most of the year. While uncomfortable for most races, conditions are excellent for growing crops, such as rice. Planting and harvesting are done year-round with abundant yields being the norm. The central highlands of Svimohzia are cooler and drier. A vast savanna stretches from the Dashahn Mountains eastward to the Kalamaran Sea. Herd animals graze upon this fertile plain and predators, such as lions, are common.

Brandobia has a mild, sunny climate that is moderated by warm, off-shore ocean currents. Even in Cosdol, rains are more common than snow, except in the middle of winter. Voldor Bay is infamous for the thick fog that makes navigation nearly impossible for all but the most seasoned of captains. In Mendarn, the pleasant temperatures and ample rain allow year-round growth of fruits and vegetables. Eldor is more temperate and snowfall is rare. Rain is common and largely responsible for the vast extent of the Lendelwood.

The Wild Lands have a climate with four distinct seasons and a full range of temperatures. The winter lows are often below zero with fierce, biting winds raging across the open plains. Summers can be very warm (90°F days are not uncommon) and are sufficiently long enough to permit the growth of many crops.

The Young Kingdoms and Pekal enjoy a mild, temperate climate. The broad inlets of water (Shadesh and Elos Bays) spare even Ek’Gakel from the severe winters characteristic of the Wild Lands. While it will snow north of the Banader and Renador Rivers, it is unusual for snow to remain on the ground throughout the winter. Wheat and rye are the staple crops in the Young Kingdoms, while corn is grown from Pekal through Tokis. Basir and Kalamar grow abundant crops of rice along their shorelines. Severe weather is a problem for Basir, Kalamar and the east coast of Svimohzia, as they are prone to hurricanes during the winter months.

This hospitable climate and agricultural bounty have freed mankind from the tyranny of the soil. The growth of cities has been fueled by the large number of former farmers now able to seek employment as artisans, craftsmen and merchants. But the same soil that provides so well for man’s needs also imparts sustenance to a myriad of hostile creatures. The lands outside human or humanoid dominion teem with wild beasts and monsters. The seas, while bestowing a plenitude of fish, are fraught with both human and inhuman predators.


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