An Insider’s View

“Crandolen? A thin but steep wall, topped by sharp iron spikes surrounds this city. Two crowded gates allow entrance, but the city guard extracts a tax of one gold coin from strangers before being allowed to pass. They pass this revenue onto the city, and are even rather honest about it. The city is large, the dirt roads are wide and the limestone homes are comfortably distant from each other. The citizens of Crandolen (a thorough mix of Brandobians, half-elves, and elves) are wary of strangers, but seem to get along well enough among each other. Animals are scarce in the city, leaving it cleaner than most cities I have been in.

Still, even with the cleanliness, I suppose it can still be just as diseased. I was there, five years ago, when a plague struck the city and nearly wiped it out. Fortunately, powerful clerics selflessly entered the city and their miracles helped save those of us who remained. The cost was great, though, as few of the saviors outlived the plague. Now, the city operates a public hospital known as the House of Mercy. You can’t miss it – it is a large building, with the administration in the middle and two wings for patients.

Religion? Hmmm… I suppose that the Theater of the Arts is popular in this city, but not as popular as in the capital. The Parish of Love, Church of Everlasting Hope, and the Halls of the Valiant have the largest congregations. Evil faiths have been outlawed in the city.”


DANgerous Kalamar 4 Kallak