Ewden, Cosdol
Ruler: (Sir) Purthal Voren
Population: 400 (Hamlet)
Races: Human (Brandobian), Elves, Half-Elves
GP Limit: 100 gp
Ready Cash: 2000 gp


Primarily a fishing community, Ewden sits at roughly the halfway point between the towns of Ldamven and Lnonven, and is a common rest stop between the two for slower travelers along the coastal roadway.

In recent days, increased need of foodstuffs in the capital had driven local leadership to press the citizens for greater production, leading to claims of brutality on the part of Drut Neln, son of the reeve Mirtran Neln.

Drut, a lifelong bully and rival of commissioned investigator Burdon Brazebay, stood leader over a band of ruffians, emboldened by the inaction of the lord Sir Purthal Voren and the laziness of the Bailiff Esel Dolmonostor.

The situation threatened to persist, until action on the part of the investigators brought Sir Voren back to the forefront of affairs in his fief.


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