Game Session 1

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Game Session 1

A Volunteer Assembly

In the aftermath of the disastrous Voldor Bay tidal wave, Cosolen – capital of the Kingdom of Cosdol has become the makeshift home of thousands of citizens displaced by the devastation. Despite the passage of a year’s time, refugees continue to flock to the city, far exceeding its ability to house and support them. Urged by the city’s ruling elite to seek aid in other parts of the realm, the destitute mass of humanity has instead established a massive, ever-growing shantytown that has come to be known as Eastpeg. While a generous harvest has thus far provided some measure of relief to the increased need of food, the sheer number of refugees heavily burdens the economy.

Amidst this hardship, reports from the remaining settlements of the Voldor Bay region have poured into the capital. Wild beasts have been spotted exploring the ruins of villages and towns; villains unchecked by the Crown’s reduced patrols grow increasingly more bold; disappearances have been recorded across the area; and humanoid raiders are mobilizing at the edges of civilized lands. Chaos threatens and fear is taking hold. With the well-being of the kingdom hanging by a thread, new heroes are needed to assist the overwhelmed defenders of peace.




The Cosolen Military Academy rises to assist the Crown by assembling a team of investigators to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of town guardsmen in the small town of Itven. The Party comes together as one of the volunteer teams seeking to be chosen for the task. But they must first prove themselves by besting their competition in a series of challenges designed to determine who possesses the necessary skills and dedication for the assignment.


Event 1: “The Assembly”
A normal day at the Cosolen Military Academy takes a turn toward adventure when Headmaster Glandal Volren holds an unscheduled assembly to announce that he is putting out a call for volunteers to form a team of investigators to assist the Crown.

Event 2: “The Tankard Challenge”
Assembled as one of the investigative teams, the PCs confront the first of three challenges to prove themselves the most able team of volunteers in order to be assigned the mission on behalf of the Crown. They must use their wit to discover the identity of a killer in a fictitious murder story with dire consequences for failure.

Event 3: “The Ransacked Room”
Having succeeded at the Tankard Challenge and discovered a strange room key, the PCs investigate a staged abduction in the second of three selection challenges. They must question witnesses and search for clues if they hope to move onward.

Event 4: “The Rescue Mission”
Piecing together the clues and gathered information, the party comes to the third and final selection challenge. The location of the abductee has been discovered and the group must formulate and execute a rescue mission to liberate the hostage and win the day.

Event 5: “Princely Inspection”
With the hostage freed and the final challenge completed, the PCs are selected as the investigators bound for the small town of Itven. As they pack for the road ahead, they learn that oaths of fealty must first be sworn to His Highness, Prince Sevlen.

Event 6: “A Golden Offer”
Seeking to reopen lucrative trade routes to the beleaguered lands affected by the great tidal wave, Lanodar Trolenren and other members of the Golden Alliance offer to assist the group with monetary compensation, and a loyal teamster to accompany them…with one stipulation.

Event 7: “Departure”
With their worth proven and all preparations made, the PCs depart the safety of Cosolen to traverse the road leading to the newly minted frontier of the northern lands on their way to Itven. If they accepted Trolenren’s terms, they will be accompanied by the loyal teamster Roth.


Half-Orc: Remember that Eviltim’s character Hilg is a Half-Orc and that as a race (particularly in a place like Cosolen), they are generally looked down upon and shunned. This is the reason that Half-Orc druids are actually not rare; people drive them away from the city with their dislike and so they take to the wild.

Halfling: Remember that sagatalpha’s character Stoat is a Halfling and as such he is half the size of the average person. At best, he comes up to the waist of a human. Large groups of bigger people, or ones who are moving quickly can potentially be a cause for concern.

Last Names First: Remember that Brandobians are very formal and as such use the last name first and speak the full name of every person unless it is a person that they know well. Nicknames are only used amongst close friends or relatives.

Game Session 1

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