RegionsBrandobiaOdril HillsGrumstone

Ruler: RULER
Population: xxx (CITY-SIZE)
Races: Dwarf (Mountain)
GP Limit: xxx gp
Ready Cash: xxx gp


A small Mountain Dwarf settlement found below the treacherous Odril Hills. It was founded 3 dwarven generations ago by the children of Dargrum Gramdal, and named after him in tribute.

Grumstone’s origins are atypical of a Mountain Dwarf clan, thanks to Dargrum’s eclectic personality and tendency to gamble with halflings. Upon his death, his sons and daughters were faced with repaying a huge debt to the Maleki Clan, a friendly halfling settlement that at first treated the debts as a joke, but suddenly needed help when goblins poured in from the Krond Heights. Sons of the young Gramdal clan took their families north to bolster the halflings’ forces.

After many hard seasons of battle, the remaining Dwarves settled below the Odril Hills, enduring the goblin raids of the north, and the savage war that would eventually divide the empire. Slowly, their Halfling cousins and neighbors began to disappear to the north, feeling unwelcome in this new country of Cosdol. The Dargrum clan remained hidden and a new generation began to flourish beneath the fray.


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