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House of Solace


Worship: Followers tend to worship in simple (but comfortable) blue and green-painted churches, found mostly in rustic settings.

House of Solace

Holy Symbol: Two hands clasped in friendship

Holy Days: The holy days of the Peacemakers are remembrances of any peaceful day (varies from community to community). These holidays involve an afternoon worship service of lively songs, followed by a passed cup of watery wine (or plain water). After the cup is passed, the assembly sings one or two songs of a slower, more solemn tone, praising the peace they all share.

Holy Colors: Sky blue, light green and lavender.

Holy Animal: The holy animal of the Peacemakers is a sheep. Peacemakers refuse to eat mutton, though most see no shame in wearing woolen garments.

Raiment: As would be expected of clergy from the House of Solace, spiritual leaders of the Peacemaker wear comfortable, soft linen robes, colored according to their rank. Their belts are also colored accorded to rank. Imposters attempting to disguise themselves as Peacemakers are occasionally discovered when they match a belt with an identically colored robe.

Rank: Title: Raiment:
1 Peace Lover light green
2 Friend light green with sky blue belt
3 Neighbor light green with lavender belt
4 Comfort Maker sky blue
5 Arbitrator sky blue with light green belt
6 Mediator sky blue with lavender belt
7 Comfortist lavender
8 Serenist lavender with light green belt
9 Peace Maker lavender with sky blue belt
10 High Peace Maker lavender with sky blue belt and gold medallion

Advancement: The House of Comfort generally awards advancement to those that resolve significant crises or are active at preventing conflict.

A Neighbor gains a +2 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks that encourage peace or reduce violence.

An Arbitrator’s circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks encouraging peace increases to +4.

A Comfortist is usually a Peacemaker who suffered serious maiming or other permanent harm in the advocacy of nonviolence. The title invokes awe in junior clerics and lay followers. Their all-lavender robes are recognized in nearly all civilized lands as the sign of someone whose will and faith cannot be swayed.

A Serenist’s stipend increases to 150 gp/month.

A Peace Maker’s second follower is a bard.

Sacrifices: Swords or other weapons beaten into plowshares monthly. Magical blades are especially favored.

Major Temples: Important centers of worship for the House of Solace include Inolen, Premolen, Bet Kalamar, Segeleta, Sobeteta, Basir, Bet Urala and Bet Dodera.

Temples of the House of Solace often contain a square worship area underneath a high groined vault. The exterior of the building is covered with sculptures of men and women (of various races) holding hands in a chain around the building. Similar bas-reliefs fill the walls on the inside. The squares feature an entrance from the north, south, and west. The east wall holds the altar, beneath windows built as large as the architecture allows.

Cathedrals of the House of Solace feature worship halls much larger than any dome the building can support. The ceiling is usually built at different heights, highest at the area just round the dome, and descending toward the outside, to form a rough steppe pyramid. The ceiling demands rows of columns along each elevation for support.

The House of Solace claims two seats, with the unusual circumstance of only one of them denying the legitimacy of the other. Senden the Seer in Dayolen claims the title of High Peace Maker and is the acknowledged leader of the Preachers of Peace. The holy seat was built long before the current trend toward ornamentation and bears the unimpressive nickname of “the holy barn of peace” among clerics and worshippers of other faiths. Visitors expecting modesty, however, might be awed by the cathedral’s scale: each side is just over 190 feet long, and its dome glitters 60 feet above the ground.

The dwarf Khazuk openly admits wrong from his bastion in Geanavue, although his junior clerics tend to dismiss this concession as modesty and a desire to avoid confrontation with The “official” faith. This temple in Geanavue, called the Geanea Hau, is an adoption of an older temple and thus doesn’t conform to the faith’s standard design.

Friends and Allies:
The Courts of Justice: “Justice helps to keep the peace.”
The Parish of Love: “Love is the most serene of all emotions. It is a beautiful thing.”
The Home Foundation: “The home is the most important place to peace of mind, and taking care of that home is important.”
The Face of the Free: “Freedom is the first step to peace. The path to freedom should be a calm one, however.”
The Hall of Oaths: “Trust and honesty helps defuse conflict, and bring about peace.”
The Church of Everlasting Hope: “For the most part, they help bring people to peace and prosperity. When they fuel the hopes and dreams of conquest, however, they are being foolish.”
The Fraternal Order of Aptitude: “A calm order of thinkers. They have brought about more knowledge than most, and peace of mind with it…”
Foes and Enemies:
The Temple of Strife: “To live with so much anger must be painful. Why don’t they give up their hate and be peaceful citizens?”
The Way of the Berserk: “Reveling in pain and violence is a despicable way to live. Why would you live, if only to kill your fellow creatures?”
The Temple of Armed Conflict: “A strange group – they focus on calmness in battle, and work to cause more conflict… They are impossible to understand.”
Order of the Passionate One: “Aggressive, violent, and disruptive – they would be much worse if they weren’t constantly drunk.”
The Order of Agony: “How can someone feel good about another person feeling bad? These Ministers of Misery are sick and twisted.”
The Courts of Inequity: “To seek out inequity is to cause conflict. They are foolish if they expect this to bring them happiness.”
The House of Knives: “Committing cold-blooded murder for your faith is unfathomable. Why should any of them trust each other?"

House of Solace

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