Innocent Pleasures

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Innocent Pleasures

“Innocent Pleasures” has peaceful, placid drawings in cool earth tones on its cover. The Pleasures is a colorful book replete with drawings and diagrams on the pages, in the margins and inside the covers. A brief thumb-through reveals playing children, proud mothers and happy families relaxing, lounging and enjoying life.

The canon includes a dozen large Legends, broken up by brief Parables. A thorough read of the chapters slowly dispels the illusion of innocence. The first few Parables discuss the simple pleasure of a break from the toils of labor and the importance of rest. From there the Parables move into discussions regarding feasting and drinking to excess, lounging about while others toil, sleeping long hours, the inherent lack of urgency for all tasks regardless of any seeming import, etc. The middle legends touch on the beauty and wonder of physical enjoyment of the flesh, nudity, wanton lust and other earthly desires.

The final four Legends reach a crescendo as they advise the reader to utilize other sentient beings for personal pleasure with the thoroughness of a savage utilizing the carcass of a large animal. Perversions of all kinds are described in lurid detail and in such a way as to make them seem commendable, humorous or prestigious.

Little in the way of specific behavior is encouraged; the reader is given free will as to which activities he may engage in, although the Pleasures presents gluttony, sloth and lust as enviable and indeed admirable traits. Prohibitions include repression of desires, moderation, and saving money or resources for the future.

Innocent Pleasures is widely available at brothels and temples of The Vicelord. It costs a mere 25 gp.

Innocent Pleasures

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