Invisible Lives

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Invisible Lives

The book “Invisible Lives” is itself a deceitful canon. First, its actual title is never on the cover. Instead, an innocuous or misleading title (such as that of another canon) appears and the text inside reinforces the illusion (though careful study might find that a few of the parables offered involve the victor gaining an advantage or edge through deception, trickery or outright lying). The real text hides in code or invisible ink to appear only to those who know its secrets.

Organization in the canon’s actual text is haphazard. In fact, no two copies seem to be precisely the same and most vary dramatically in content, though the themes seem generally consistent. Invisible Lives includes a number of Cons, Games and Marks. One Shaving (as in coin shaving) typically makes up two pages, and seems to be a recent addition. A final section, Myth, gives suggestions for safe copying and distribution of the canon.

Those wishing to go undetected will find this book useful. Invisible Lives typically contains ideas for believable identities of all kinds, including very viable cover stories. It also usually describes techniques for hiding, moving about undetected, and has pages and pages of descriptions on donning disguises.

Invisible Lives also has advice for assuming the identity of others, including where and how to find key information about individuals to be imitated. There is usually a particularly good section on other religions and where and how to acquire their canons!

Allowing Invisible Lives to fall into the hands of others is encouraged, as long as those others do not know how to read it. Teaching the secrets of its contents to others is punished by robbing the violator of his property, and turning him out on the street. If he survives and prospers again with his cunning, the church may forgive him. Being captured and convicted of a crime is a minor or moderate offense, only because it implies that the criminal did not plan the crime well enough.

Because of its hidden nature and variable content, this book sells for inconsistent prices among those who do not know its secrets. Those who are aware sell it for 50-100 gold pieces (depending on content), or as much as they can make.

Invisible Lives

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