Itven, Cosdol
Ruler: (Lord-Mayor) Landren Thalrel
Population: 1,040 (Small Town)
Races: Human (Brandobian), Elves, Half-Elves
GP Limit: 800 gp
Ready Cash: 41,600 gp


Situated along the east coast of Voldor Bay, Itven began as an isolated fishing village that saw growth with the construction of the coastal road. Of the scores of laborers, architects and craftsmen that accompanied the project, enough stayed or later returned with families to boost the populace from that of a village to an up-and-coming town.

This increase in population quickly bolstered trade along the newly built roadway, and a small number of merchants from Cosolen and other locations soon found the community profitable enough to establish permanent shops and businesses. The discovery of Iron and Copper deposits upriver in the Napalago Hills brought larger business interests, including members of the Golden Alliance, who funneled money into expansion of the docks and shipping facilities.

Being both a coastal settlement and downriver from the lucrative mines, Itven was perfectly located to act as a transportation hub to the northern territories of the Kingdom. A charter later granted from the region’s Lord, Duke Marren Ilthan, gave Itven official recognition as a town of free men. Developments came rapidly following the reception of the Duke’s charter, as the infrastructure of society was put into place:

  • The creation of the Alderman Council and the eventual election of a Lord-Mayor of Itven
  • The arrival of the appointed Constable and the posting of soldiers
  • The implementation of taxes and new laws and ordinances
  • The expansion of the town’s bounderies and the construction of walls and towers

Though initially awe-struck by the progressive advancement of government, the citizens adapted to the new lifestyle and adjusted their various routines accordingly. The combination of long-standing inhabitants and the newer crop of residents possessing engineering and workmanship skills led to a determined and hardy populace. Throughout the years, Itven has remained a stable and strong community, ensuring a steady flow of minerals northward.

Since the great tidal wave, Itven – like most of the remaining towns and villages along the Bay – is still recovering from the widespread damage inflicted by the passing waters. Travelers and new arrivals can easily discern some history of destruction by observation alone. Those buildings that are not newly built display clear evidence of past damage or possess repairs which, while made with the same materials, do not match up perfectly.

Places of Interest


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