Kalalali Forest

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Lying on the Renador River and bordered by the lands of Pekal, Ek’Kasel, Ek’Gakel and Paru’Bor, this ancient forest is dotted with scores of lakes, some of considerable size. A wide variety of both trees and fey can be found in the forest. On the shores of the largest of the Renador Lakes is the elven city of Cilorealon. Those fortunate few who have been able to wander its streets remark that they have never seen such beauty.

This forest has always been under the patronage of the elves but was only recognized as such by human folk after Fulakar’s troops were humiliatingly defeated in their attempt to subjugate the elves during their great westward expansion. The elves watch trespassers from afar to gauge their intent. Those of baneful disposition are likely to see the very forest come alive with wrath in its heart, as the would-be foresters of Ek’Kasel can attest. The elves’ purpose is to frighten away such intruders rather than to harm them.

After centuries of isolation, the elves have taken a more active hand in the lands surrounding the Kalalali. The first such action was the revolt of Pekal. The elven council trained Lamnian Endremin and his followers, provided them with arms, sent scouts to gather information on Kalamaran troop movements and locations, and finally coordinated the revolt. To this day close ties exist between the two nations. The elves also aid the benevolent Prince of Paru’Bor by sending scouts to assist his border troops. The realm of Ek’Kasel is distrusted and a watchful eye is kept upon her activities.

Kalalali Forest

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