Kargi (Hobgoblin)
Physically larger and stronger than humans, lawful in alignment, and gathered under strong leaders, the hobgoblin tribes of the Svimohzish Isle formed the nation of Ul-Karg centuries ago.

Unlike the Krangi, the Kargi do not have any major military successes to their name. As a result, the Kargi feel an urgent need to dominate everything around them. A Kargi farmer might tear up a piece of land that he does not intend to sow, just to show that he can. Kargi soldiers kill slaves to prove their strength. A Kargi cleric might torment a worshipper of another god for fun. This desire to dominate does not come from a basic insecurity or like weakness. A Kargi does not demonstrate his power to prove to himself that he is superior. However, he must demonstrate this superiority to others. Thus, even as children, hobgoblins fight, kill, maim, and torment each other. It is the only way they know to convince their peers that they deserve to rule them.

Naturally, Kargi are in a constant state of conflict because of this belief. A hierarchy is necessary to maintain order, but this means that there can only be one completely dominant Kargi. They rationalize this by understanding that currently they are not the most dominant, but they believe that this is not a final state of things, and that they have not lost anything permanently. They can accept a setback because they believe that ultimately they will regain anything that was lost, and more.

As a result, the Kargi are always improving themselves, even challenging their superiors in a kroka-mal, or rite of superiority. It is fundamental belief that a Kargi cannot be satisfied until he has achieved total dominance, and has no a superior in any aspect. The most feared Kargi warrior is not happy if one of his peers is a better administrator, and the highest Kargi cleric cannot stand having another best him in combat prowess. The Kargi strive to be superior in all areas.

The Kargi physique is fairly typical for hobgoblins, though they tend towards lighter and more yellow coloring. Their upper and lower bodies are proportioned like humans, but their arms are longer, hanging to their knees. Their skin color is generally a yellow-brown or tan color, with a definite weathered, leathery look.

Their faces have a definite goblinoid resemblance. Two small tusks protrude upward form the lower jaw. Kargi ears are pointed and elongated, with a rectangular appearance. The nose of a Kargi is wide and flat, and ranges in color from deep purple to light bluish-gray.

Kargi possess rough, thick facial hair, running along the jaw line and tapering into a goatee or small beard. Facial hair is generally black or dark brown but can range as far as light gray. The hair that grows on the head tends to be thinner and more like human hair than animal hide. It too is predominately dark brown or black, though maroons, grays, and some reds do exist. Kargi eyes have a distinctly animal appearance, and range in color from dark yellow to brown.

Kargi females share all of the characteristics of their male counterparts, with a few exceptions. They generally weigh slightly less, and are slightly shorter. Their skin is also generally lighter in complexion, and their facial hair tends to grow only on the chin and is not as thick or long.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 5'1" +2d12 (inches) 150 lbs x (2d4) lbs
Female 4'8" +2d12 (inches) 135 lbs x (2d4) lbs
Adulthood: Middle Age: Old: Venerable: Maximum:
25 yrs 90 yrs 130 yrs 180 yrs +3d20 yrs

The Kargi harbor an intense hatred for the dwarven and human residents of the Isle. The Kargi still believe that they would have defeated the humans long ago (in the conflict known as Fortnight’s Battle) if it were not for a dwarven attack on their rear ranks, and the humans continue to stand in the way of their island conquest.

Otherwise, the Kargi have few relations with other races. When the Kargi do come upon elves, gnomes, or halflings, they will kill them on sight, but this is an uncommon occurrence.

Most Kargi dwell on the island of Svimohzia, in the southwestern territory known as the Kingdom of Ul-Karg. The Kargi are relatively isolated (being surrounded by dwarven inhabited mountains to the north and west, and water to the south and east), to the point that many humans are unaware of the hobgoblin nation.

They speak their own language and at least one other, since they must communicate with both humanoids and civilized races. Kargi have little trouble learning the harsher, more guttural languages of Tellene, such as Orcish, Dwarven, Kalamaran and Fhokki, but the more fluid and light languages, like Elven, Reanaarese or Gnomish do present some problems. Kargi can learn any language that someone teaches them, but they are more difficult to understand when speaking a “lighter” language, and have a very pronounced accent.

Faith is an important part of Kargi life, and the Church of Endless Night holds the position of national religion. Almost all Kargi revere the Dark One as their god, and a large majority worship him exclusively. Even those that do not worship the Blacksoul or that choose to revere more than one god recognize him as their creator.

All the other lawful evil temples have some representation and a congregation, albeit a small one. Several non-lawful evil churches are represented as well. Of these, the Temple of Armed Conflict is the largest and most popular. The third largest temple is the House of Knives. The rest of the religions are tolerated, mostly because their numbers are small and their influence is even less. Many Kargi believe these other gods to be manifestations, children, or other relations of the Blacksoul, and thus few truly worship a god completely different from the Dark One.

The Kargi can be members of just about any class, but some are much more common than others. The brigand, fighter, monk, ranger and rogue are most common, while gladiators and infiltrators are less so, and sorcerers and wizards are rare. Shamans and barbarians are looked down upon as “lesser” classes. The bard, Basiran dancer, druid and spellsinger are unknown among the Kargi. A Kargi living outside of Ul-Karg might take one of these classes, but no one has ever documented such a case.



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