Kolokar's Barrier

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Shortly after taking the throne of Kalamar, Emperor Kolokar I embarked on a military campaign to reunite his deteriorating Empire. After hastily opting for peace with the Dejy and Fhokki barbarians, Kolokar ordered the construction of a great stone barrier to protect the northeastern border from a barbarian invasion.

Frequent assaults by barbarians and humanoids coupled with inclement weather added to the difficulty of the mammoth undertaking. When completed, Kolokar’s Barrier stood 20 to 30 feet high, 15 to 20 feet wide and stretched some 400 miles. Watch towers were built (or existing fortifications expanded) every few hundred yards to house soldiers and provisions. Each tower had a cellar and some even had a dungeon or catacombs beneath the cellar. Kolokar did not live to see the completion of the barrier that stands as a monument to his troubled reign. The wall was completed under the supervision of regional lords from Paru’Bor and O’Par.

Today, Kolokar’s Barrier is one of the most spectacular man-made wonders on Tellene. It is certainly Tellene’s greatest example of human engineering and workmanship. Stretching from the Kakidelas to the Byth Mountains, Kolokar’s Barrier connects the mountainous wall that separates eastern and central Tellene.

Like the Kalamaran Empire, much of Kolokar’s Barrier has fallen into a state of disrepair. Large portions have crumbled or have been knocked down. Sections of the Barrier and the watch towers not controlled by Paru’Bor and O’Par are now controlled by Dejy and Fhokki barbarians. Paru’Bor controls and maintains a northern stretch of the Barrier and it has proved invaluable in defending against the frequent skirmishes with Shynabyth. Some abandoned towers are inhabited by humanoids or monsters.

Kolokar's Barrier

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