Mountain Dwarf

Mountain Dwarf (“rurok”)
Mountain dwarves (known as “rurok” by other dwarves and often called highland dwarves by humans) are distrustful of outsiders and have a fierce racial pride. Whether this developed in their years of isolation in the mountains or forced them into years of isolation in the first place is a topic of debate. Regardless, mountain dwarves are skilled craftsmen, mountaineers and knowledgeable guides and trackers.

Mountain dwarves are often shorter than hill dwarves, standing close to four feet tall. They have darker skin tones, and their hair colors include more reds and browns. Highland dwarves may be as heavy as lowland dwarves, but not always. Their life spans are comparable.
Gender: Base Height: Height Mod.: Base Weight: Weight Mod.:
Male 3'7" +2d4 (inches) 120 lbs x (2d6) lbs
Female 3'5" +2d4 (inches) 90 lbs x (2d6) lbs

With regard to other races, the attitudes of highland dwarves stand out. They are less outgoing than lowland dwarves with gnomes and halflings, but they have a fine appreciation of elven workmanship, even if the elves put too much attention on form and not enough on function. As with the Adurek, they prefer to speak a non-dwarven language with outsiders.

Highland dwarves live in all of the major mountain ranges. They prefer the high peaks that offer safety and seclusion, so there are concentrations of highland dwarves in the Ka’Asa, P’Rorul, Elenon and Deshada ranges.

Highland dwarves favor worship of the Holy Mother, the Eternal Lantern, the Coddler, and The Mule. Regardless of whom they worship, their reverence is likely to be deep, but their commitment to organized religion and ceremony will be weak. They do not often become clerics of faiths that require major signs of dedication, such as blindness or other maiming.

Rurok become strong fighters, but they make surprisingly skilled rangers as well, using their tracking abilities and familiarity with mountains to great effect.

“Choosing an important sounding name for a small race must be compensating for something.”
- Grarg Stoneskull, half-orc adventurer and self-proclaimed “sage of the people.”

Mountain Dwarf

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